SEGREGATE: Your Trusted Partner for Gate & Fence Solutions in San Diego

SEGREGATE is a locally-owned family business that has been a cornerstone of the San Diego community for over 9 years. We specialize in providing top-notch gate repair services and crafting custom gate and fence installations. Our dedicated team of experts takes pride in our commitment to delivering affordable yet premium solutions to meet your driveway security and access needs. Whether it’s a malfunctioning gate opener, a stuck gate, or a desire for a unique gate/fence design, SEGREGATE is your go-to source for reliable, efficient, and professional gate services.

With a deep understanding that your gate’s functionality and security are paramount, SEGREGATE has established itself as a name you can trust. Our experienced team not only excels in gate repair but also in the fabrication and installation of custom gates and fences tailored to your preferences. We believe in going beyond the expected, ensuring that every aspect of your gate experience is seamless and convenient. Our mobile gate service units are always ready to address any issues, whether it’s a gate that won’t open or close or the need for expert advice on gate systems. At SEGREGATE, we’re not just in the gate business; we’re in the business of building strong, secure, and enduring connections with our valued clients.

When you choose SEGREGATE, you’re choosing a partner that values your safety and convenience as much as you do. Our dedication to delivering high-quality gate repair services and crafting distinctive gate/fence solutions has solidified our reputation as a reliable industry leader. Whether it’s your side gate or driveway gate, we have the expertise to ensure your gate systems operate flawlessly, safeguarding your property and enhancing your peace of mind.


Alex D

I highly recommended Miguel's workmanship. One of the posts on my gate was in need of repair. He was prompt to reply to my request. He made a very reasonable estimate based on my pictures. As a bonus he even left the gate and post in better shape than when it was first installed. I would recommend him to any of my neighbors.

Drew P

I had a metal gate door that had badly rusted posts. I called a few contractors, but Miguel from Segregate was the first to respond (within minutes). I had a couple of previously scheduled appointments for the next day but Miguel was kind enough to work around my schedule to set a time to come out. After getting a quote from Segregate, I also got quotes from two other companies. Miguel was the cheapest but the reason I hired him was, unlike the other two companies, when he came out and described his plan for repairs, it was efficient and well thought out. Of the other two, one guy was not noticing things that Miguel had seen and wanted to dig where no digging was necessary. The other estimator did not even show up in person, just threw out an online quote which undoubtedly would have been adjusted upwards later. The estimate was on Friday and we scheduled the job for the coming Monday morning. Miguel texted me 30 minutes before arrival to let me know he was on his way which I always appreciate. Once he arrived, he got right to work and worked till the job was done. The fence came out great, I am extremely happy with the results. The full job was to replace the two rusted posts, hinges, spring, bottom of gate door and repaint the section. Everything was completed quickly, correctly and at a good price. Miguel did such a good job, I hired him for a second job a week later to repair a rusted metal support on the handrail of an outdoor staircase which was causing the handrail to wobble as well as metal trim on steps of the same staircase which was posing a trip hazard. Just like the first job, Miguel quoted me a very fair price, arrived on time, got right to work and finished the job. I have no doubt I will use Miguel's services again in the future and I will happily recommend him to anyone who needs metal work done. He is also happy to refer you if you need any other kind of work done. I know he mentioned he is just starting out so that is why there are not many reviews for Segregate yet but Miguel is a really nice guy who does great work at a very fair price so don't hesitate to contact him.

Lata P

Our metal gate fell off the hinges and we needed repair quickly. I put out a Yelp search and Miguel responded quickly with a low quote. He came out that day to check out the project and repaired the gate the next day. No drama, no hassle, just prompt, professional work. Highly recommend.

Kira R

We called Miguel and were able to set up a consultation appointment for a few days after the call. He requested that we text our names and address. We did but he never responded to that text. Never showed on the day of the appointment. An hour after he was supposed to be there he responded to our text inquiring where he was and he said sorry and asked for the address again. We can't speak to the quality of work but the lack of professionalism was disappointing.

Louis S

Miguel did a great job for us building a custom driveway gate. He spent time with us figuring out what we needed, giving us options and clear price choices. The gate came out really well, both in form and function. We'd recommend Segregate 100%.




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