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If you’re looking for a reputable contractor with a specific set of skills or you’re a tradesman looking for a free way to expand your client base, Call My Guy is the solution you’ve been looking for.


Finding a reliable handyman or contractor in San Diego isn’t the easiest task, especially when the ones you do find are unavailable, unresponsive, or don’t offer all of the services you need. At the same time, handymen and small to midsize contractors are often frustrated trying to compete with the advertising budgets of the big guys. At Call My Guy, bridging the gap between contractors and customers is our mission. We connect customers with vetted and responsive tradespeople that offer the specific services they need, and invite our partners to advertise for free on our platform.



Contractors and Handymen, are you sick of paying for advertising with little to no return on your investment? If so, look no further than Call My Guy. Advertise for free on our website. Less stress, more checks!


  • Tanya Richards

    I recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic handyman that I found on I'll Call My Guy for a variety of projects around my home. From fixing a leaky faucet to installing a new light fixture, this handyman was a true professional and completed each task with efficiency and attention to detail. One of the things that stood out to me [...]

  • Randy

    As a handyman, I've found that I'll Call My Guy has been a valuable resource for finding new customers. Overall, I highly recommend them to handymen and other contractors looking to expand their customer base. It's a great platform for connecting with homeowners and building a strong reputation as a reliable and professional service provider [...]

  • Mike Briston

    Finding a reliable contractor for garage door repair was a real challenge until I found I'll Call My Guy. I recently needed to have my garage door repaired and spent hours searching for a contractor I felt comfortable with. Many of the companies I called were unresponsive or seemed unprofessional, which made me wary of hiring them. Finally, [...]

  • Cesar Z

    So glad I found this website! This is EXACTLY what San Diego needs. So much demand and not enough supply. We can never seem to find a contractor that is both reputable AND available when we need them. The people running this site are very responsive and already connected me with some great stucco guys I would have never found myself. Love th [...]

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