Professional Handyman Services: Trustworthy, Versatile, and Quality Workmanship for Your Home and Beyond!

At Call Glenn Again, we provide our customers with a wide-variety of handyman services in San Diego including light electrical such as light switches, outlets, ceiling fans and lights; light plumbing such as faucets, toilets and garbage disposals; sheetrock wall repair and painting; television wall mounting; Ring doorbells and security lights; gutter cleaning and repair; shelf mounting; door adjustment, fencing; flooring; art work hanging, screen repair, and much, much more.

When we work for you, you get the same high quality I put into my own home in Point Loma and my multiple rental properties. Our clients find us personable, trustworthy and highly competent.

We will always tell you when a job is not appropriate for us, and then recommend a specialist who can do a great job for you if we cannot. Contact Call Glenn Again today to get a free quote on your next home improvement project!


Susan Winkie

I’ve used Call Glenn Again over and over. The office staff is prompt and efficient, the service has always been professional and friendly, and the price was always right.

Michael Grimasauskas

I have used Glenn a few times on properties we manage and they've always been responsive and their quality is stellar. I highly recommend using them.

Judith Curry

I have never had a handyman service as complete as Call Glenn again. There does not seem to be anything they can’t do and if the cannot do it - which happened with an electrical problem - they tell you they can’t fix it. AND they even recommend someone that can. They are on time; personable and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them highly enough

Susan Matthews

Glenn and his team have helped us with about a dozen various projects. They have always stuck with them until the work was done right. I trust them with all our projects. Very reliable.

Ellen McCannon

I am one of Call Glenn Again’s first customers. On first visit I was impressed and have continuously called upon Glenn’s team over the past few years! From first call to the dispatcher to job completion…communication as well as the work they’ve done for me have been top notch!




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