In need of professional drywall repair?

If you’ve seen a few episodes of the 1990’s sitcom Home Improvement or any of the DIY shows airing today, you may have noticed that they make household repairs—including drywall repairs—look straightforward and hassle-free. The reality, however, is that it’s a challenging task that needs professional attention.

Although drywalls are much easier to install than plaster, they can easily be damaged due to their fragile nature. So it should come as no surprise that drywall will need to be repaired a few times, but the question is whether or not you need to hire a drywall installation contractor whenever you have a stain, a hole in the wall, or just a hairline crack on it. The simple answer is yes.

While DIY may sound easy, many things could go wrong if you don’t have the right skills and you may end up with a bigger and more expensive repair job.

Let’s take a closer look at why hiring a handyman for drywall repairs is your best option.

1: They are experts

While repairing drywalls is just one of the many services that handymen excel in, it’s something that a skilled handyman is very, very good at.

Sure, you can go through some DIY videos and online tutorials that show you how to repair or patch up plasterboard, but one thing they can’t teach you is perfectionism—something that only a skilled and experienced handyman can provide.

Repairing drywall is a skill and once it’s repaired, it needs to look flawless without being able to see where the damage was. Tackling this by yourself may be a confidence booster, but when you see the lines and bumps or even the tape that’s coming through your paint job, you may regret not getting the job done by someone with the right skill set.

2: They work around electrical wires and outlets

Depending on the severity of the repair job, you may need to rip out your damaged drywall and work around electrical wires and outlets, making it a risky task, considering the potential it has to cause severe injuries.

A handyman knows exactly how they should remove sheets without damaging or disturbing any internal wires and how to properly position them during sheetrock installations or repairs.

They know what tools to use and how to precisely cut for light fixtures, electrical outlets, and unique structural problems which all require absolute precision.

3: They have specialized tools

You may have a few tools stowed away in the corner of your garage or make-shift workshop, but that’s not going to cut it. Neither is hiring some tools that you think might help.

Professional handymen know exactly what type of equipment and tools they need for a seamless drywall repair job. They also have the tools with them so there’s no need to rent them from another party. Some of the tools that they will use for installations or repairs include a drywall lift, aviation clippers, rotary saw, cordless drill, hammer ladders, and more, but it doesn’t stop there.

Drywall handymen also use all kinds of equipment to keep your home clean, like plastic sheeting to protect your furniture from dust and dust-control vacuums to keep your home clean without creating a mess that you’re left to tend to once they’re gone.

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