Stucco repairs are a bit of a conundrum.

If your home’s stucco is done right, you’ve got a home that’s energy efficient, less susceptible to noise pollution, and may even be fire retardant, but if a stucco exterior is poorly installed or if you haven’t really been paying attention to its maintenance needs, you could be in for a rough road ahead.

The majority of the time, these problems stem from water-related issues and have more to do with excess moisture getting trapped in your home. But it may not be the only reason why your stucco problems are getting worse.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common stucco problems that could be keeping you up at night.

1. Staining

If you’ve got untreated stucco, rainfall can definitely take a toll on your home’s exterior since the contaminants in the rain can be absorbed into the stucco and stain your walls, but the contamination may not stop there. Rain can even wash down contaminants from the roof directly into your stucco.

When you’ve got an excess of contaminants stuck to your stucco, it can lead to significant deterioration.

So what’s the solution? Your best option is to leave it to the pros.

A handyman can use the right products to get rid of the contaminants, use a low-pressure water spray to clean the stucco, and apply a water-resistant sealer that can help prevent these issues in the future.

Now you may be tempted to take care of this yourself and save some money. But, without the right expert knowledge, you might end up doing more damage to the existing stucco, so hiring a handyman could be a much cheaper option.

2. Mold

Wherever there’s moisture or excess water, there’s always a chance of mold and it can be very serious, especially considering that it can damage the structural integrity of your home as well as put your family’s health at risk. This, of course, is without mentioning the effect that it can have on the exterior of your home, especially if it starts to grow on the stucco.

Identifying and eliminating the source of the moisture without allowing any water retention can be a great solution, but it’s rarely that simple, is it? If the mold has worsened, a professional will need to come in and install another stucco system that will be resistant to similar issues in the future.

3. Cracking

There are two types of stucco cracking issues: comprehensive issues and localized issues.

While moisture can be the main cause of cracking, it could also be shoddy workmanship during the installation of the stucco.

With localized cracking, a handyman can handle the joint work and install a coating system that can strengthen the stucco system while still keeping its integrity.

Comprehensive cracking, on the contrary, is a much more serious issue that can arise due to poor installation, in which case, it’s recommended that a complete stucco replacement be carried out.

Let our stucco repair pros take care of your home

Stucco repairs of any kind can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re the DIY type that tries to fix things on your own.

While there’s nothing wrong with trying to fix minor issues around the home, when it comes to stucco repairs, you should be more careful since it can have a huge impact on your home’s structural integrity, which you don’t want to mess with.

At Call My Guy, we have a network of experienced, reliable stucco contractors in San Diego waiting to help you with your stucco issues and household repairs. So if you’re struggling to get your regular handyman to answer your calls and you’re thinking about fixing it yourself, get a free quote today, and our handymen will get to work so you don’t have to!


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