At Rampad Electric, our primary focus is providing exceptional residential electrical services to our customers in San Diego!

Our expertise lies in efficiently troubleshooting electrical system problems, ensuring smooth operations and safety. We also specialize in proactive maintenance of existing electrical systems, minimizing the risk of future issues and enhancing their longevity.

Additionally, we offer services such as the installation of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to enhance the ambiance and comfort of your home. We can also conveniently add or upgrade devices like receptacles to meet your evolving needs.

At the core of our business philosophy, we place a strong emphasis on customer service and effective communication. We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Contact Rampad Electric today to get a free quote!


  • Electrical


  • Electrical


Bryan B

Had an issue with an exterior garage outlet that stopped working suddenly. Sent multiple requests out to Electricians for quotes. Most were overpriced and honestly gouging customers. Ramon responded quickly that he couldn't get out for over a week but offered some advise of potential easy DIY problems. After a few minutes troubleshooting he helped resolve the GFCI issue and probably saved my family $300+ dollars for a none issue. Highly advise anyone who is ethical enough to help people whether or not the get the business.

Liz R

Highly recommend Rampad Electric! Excellent and professional customer service from beginning to end! Have used this company for various electrical jobs in our home and have never been disappointed. Ramon really knows what he is doing. Don't hesitate to give him a call!

Brandon L

Ramon did a fantastic job installing an outlet for our dryer and an EV charging outlet. His professionalism, attention to detail and communication were all superb. He will for sure be my go to guy for all of my electrical needs.

Mel G

The owner, Ramon, was very responsive when I submitted a request for quotes through Yelp. He came by my place to provide an in-person consultation for the services I requested. He was friendly, thorough, knowledgeable and gave good insight on what should and should not be done. Although I did not select him for this project, I will definitely use him in the future.


Ended up going a different vendor, however Ramon is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. We came extremely close to choosing Ramon for our job, however ended up going with someone who provided better value and had a more flexible schedule. If you're looking for a top-tier electrician, highly recommend Rampad Electric, they may not be the best value however, they are definitely worth the premium, if you need it.


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